General Information

Lixcart is an online fashion e-commerce marketplace that provides online products via web portal. Lixcart is e commerce platform which allows professional fashion and beauty companies to sell products directly to india consumer from anywhere, everywhere.

All items listed on the Site are sold by professional sellers (online and offline shops), who offer certain guarantees and are verified by Lixcart online fashion marketplace.

By sending a complaint to [email protected], you basically state that you are unable to reach a fair, reasonable refund or exchange agreement with your supplier and request Lixcart online fashion marketplace to step in to handle the matter.

Also, by sending a report to [email protected], you basically state that you have experienced a bad treatment by a seller which is not in accordance with Lixcart’s Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, Transactional Services or Legal.

If you have any other questions which is not related to dispute or refund, feel free to email us to [email protected] Our team will be happy to assist you.

Having an old friend, or friend of friend, who loves to shop online.Tell him about us! We will always welcome him/her on lixcart marketplace. For more details, please email us at [email protected]

This are our emails, this is us. If you have any other question related to our services, do not hesitate to get in touch with us

Account and Log In Issues

To “Log In” into your account successfully, please ensure that you have entered the correct registered email address (or Member ID) and password. Also, check if your keyboard’s Caps Lock light is on and also make sure there are no extra blank spaces in the password.

If your registered email address and password are correct and you are still unable to sign in successfully, please follow the below steps to set your browsers:

1.Check if your browser if you have blocked Third-party Cookies option. If the Third-party Cookies option has been blocked, please enable it.

2.Please be advised to delete cookies

If you have forgotten your password, please click Forgot password to reset it.

You may meet the following issues when you register:

1.Your email address has been registered as a member

Please change another email address to set up your account. Or you can use the existed email address to retrieve your password.

2.Your Contact Name is not in English

If certain letters of your name contain Non-English letters, you are advised to use the similar English ones instead. For example, you may change letter “?” to “c”.

To change information such as your address, phone number or anything important for you, please take the following steps:

1) Sign in to Lixcart at

2) Go to My Account section 

3) Click Edit under the information you want to modify and click Save.

We are very sorry to hear that you are unable to register an account on Lixcart Marketplace. If you did not receive the email from our system to verify your account, please check if the email has been sorted to your spam box. Please do not worry, because even if your email address is not verified, it will not affect your account.

Do not worry if you cannot find your invoice. It can happen to anybody. you have 2 (two) ways to find out your invoice from us:

1. Log in to your email account (the one you have been registered your Lixcart account to) and find the email from us (related to that specific purchase) which says that your order is completed. In the searching field, try out using keywords like @lixcart, invoice, example of the product and you will find it. OR

2. Go to your Lixcart account – navigate to orders and search your order history. Here, you can find your purchase details.

If anything goes wrong, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to assist you.

Keeping you safe and secure is a high priority for us. It’s stored on secure servers and only kept for as long as it’s necessary for the purpose it serves. You agree to this as part of our Terms and Conditions.

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Here is the simplest procedure to unsubscribe form our email services

  • Find out one promotional email that you have received from us
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1.Set a secure password

* Use a combination of letters or numbers? e.g. fmea35pfo667, with no spaces between

* Use multiple words and numbers without spaces? e.g. improvemyaccount895

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2. Sign in to regularly

3. Be cautious when you receive requests for private or sensitive information

Never click on links in emails to access web pages if you suspect the message might not be from us. Avoid filling out forms in email messages or respond from requests from sellers that ask for your personal information, such as your Member ID, password and credit card information.